Bell sleeves and two toned pumps

Hi guys and Happy New Year. I know I have been quiet but I got sick again and decided to take a much needed body and brain break until Friday. I have been fortunate enough to use the time on a Winter holiday exploring Germany and Canada and a little Summer break with my husband back in Cape Town. 

However I am back and excited to create better content as well as updating the website. I will be focusing on 3 posts a week: fashion, travel and my healthy cooking journey. I am also toying with the idea of a monthly book post from my home library and books that I am currently reading.

Anyway back to fashion and here is my current Summer obsession, bell sleeves and my Chanel lookalike pumps (thanks Zara). I have always been interested in couture fashion and how to wear it with everyday clothes. Not that bell sleeves are really couture, but the oversized sleeves add a rather sophisticated yet playful feel to an ordinary outfit. 

Here I have gone with a leather one which I recently bought at Zara in Montreal for a chic feel compared to the normal cotton feel. I have paired it with my favourite girlfriend jeans from H&M for a casual chic look. Seeing as it’s Summer and I am exhausted from a week’s thigh workout, I have opted for pumps. This pair is my absolute favourite and the Chanel like design adds to a more ladylike feel than ordinary flats, you will be seeing them on most posts along with other blush pair.

Stay Chic


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