Trend alert: Striped Pants

So I was tidying up my wardrobe earlier in the week and I realized how many striped clothing I have. The main colour is blue and white but I do own quite a few black and whites and browns. 

Second point noticed was the lack of striped posts on my Instagram page which led me to this idea: How to style striped pants. 

I have come up with 4 looks, I could have done more but I will save that for another day. So here’s my 4 simple looks on how to style striped pants to start you thinking about stripes in a different way. 

1. The striped jumpsuit

First things first, this is not a jumpsuit in the true sense of the word. I have taken 2 old clothing and reinvented them as I was not ready to let go of them. I have paired up my ‘jumpsuit’ with a sandal heel to straighten the very flowy pants, but you could add a flat shoe i.e a pointed velvet or pop of colour pink pump. I prefer pointed in comparison to other shapes as round tips tend to get swallowed by the wide bottom.

2.  High waisted pants

I love high waisted pants as they tend to slim and shape the figure well. Paired with a white top and tan heels and you are ready for a simple yet elegant  lunch date look. 

3. Culottes 

I must admit that I am a sucker for culottes. Not only are they comfortable, but they add shape and texture to any outfit. I have opted for a cami top and ankle boots as it adds a semi formal yet casual look for a weekend. You can add a shirt and sandal heels for a more formal event. 

4. Joggers

Joggers are like the ultimate mix between pajamas, leggings and lounge pants. Not only are they uber comfortable, but they give you the illusion that you are still lazying about at home. I could have paired them with a white t-shirt but a linen shirt gives it a sophisticated casual look. I have added a wedge like instead of my initial platform heel idea for a more elegant running around sorting out errands look. 

Comment below and let me know how you style your striped pants for work and leisure. 

Keep it chic


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