The modern denim

Whenever we think of denim and its pairing the first thing that comes to mind is the classic white, crisp clean shirt. As a recent convert to denim, I have fallen in love with the updated denim cuts and its pairing. From the classic straight cut, wide leg bottoms, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, skinny, ripped, embroidered, patched and asymmetric cuts. Wearing denim has become not just a staple but a wardrobe must have with its fun and infinite pairing and accessories.

So here are some of my ย current favourite styles which are really the reason behind my conversion.

1. The modern classic white shirt

I am a sucker for not just the plain and simple white shirt, but its sister ‘the boyfriend’ cut really has my heart. However what has really caught my eye of late, are the maxi cuffs or slim bell sleeves. Paired with girlfriend jeans or high waisted skinnies and you are good to go in a minimalist luxe sort of way.

2. Patched high waists and off the shoulder

I love, love, love this look. I just feel like it screams effortless style. I am yet to warm up to the whole chocker trend to be quite honest.

3. Girlfriend jeans and outwear shirts

This look is another latest obsession of mine. Not only is outwear super comfy but I mixing silk and satin shirts with jeans. Since my husband is not a fan of boyfriend jeans, we have reached a civil compromise with the more feminine girlfriend jean. I got my shirt from Zara and girlfriend jeans from H&M Montreal but I think the one in SA also has it.

4. Asymmetrical cuts and embroidered ankle boots

If you did not know that your shoes can be the centre of an outfit, now you know! Ankle boots, slingbacks, heels and pumps are fast receiving the fashion attention that they rightfully deserve. I am a newbie at shoe collecting but finding affordable shoes similar to these from Zara has upped my wardrobe look immensely. If you have old jeans and need to revamp them, Youtube has tons of DIY videos to create hems, tassels and inside bottoms.

5. White jeans and side details

One thing I have always consciously done was to make sure that I never buy white jeans. I have the worst luck with white clothing in general so falling with these jeans was a surprise and a half. Unfortunately South Africa’s denim market is quite limited but I am loving these pairs below. I am also getting ideas of taking my normal pants and adding a blue strip on the sides for a similar look.

*NB: All pics do not belong to me.

Keep it chicย 


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