The Summer short skirt

Hi guys, it’s hump day and payday weekend lol. So what better way to start it than by upping your short skirt game while enjoying the Summer heat.

While for many of us (myself included), short skirts often evoke feelings of self consciousness about our thighs, legs, cellulite, stretch marks and overall weight. I have decided that I cannot let that stop me from wearing short skirts. 

So 26 years later, here I am enjoying the perks of living in a coastal city like Cape Town. I am working on my fitness but I  choose to enjoy the journey and my imperfections. 

So my current current favourite looks are stripes, embroidery, leather and patterns especially paired with ruffles, a plain white tee, blouse or sweatshirt. 

My shoe collection is still in its infancy however my ankle boot collection has come in handy matching well with most if not all my skirts.

*NB: All pics not mine.

Have a great weekend, have fun with your clothes and be kind to your body. 

Keep it chic


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