My favourite local brands

Hi guys! I am so excited that January is almost out the window and we are soon entering the month of love. Not that I go all out nor does my husband believe in Valentine’s Day, but I do enjoy the ‘love is in the air’ atmosphere.

In case you did not read my About Me post, I am originally from SOWETO in Johannesburg. I moved to Cape Town in 2010 and have made this beautiful city my second if not main home now. One of the interesting facts about the Mother City, is that it also South Africa’s fashion capital. I am not sure if it is the cosmopolitan demographic make-up or just an aspect of the city, but Cape Town is one of the trendiest cities I know. A quick lunch session on Jammie Plaza steps at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and you visually feast on a fusion of hip hop, gothic, minimalistic, Arab, African, tribal and bold fashionable outfits.

Apart from the obvious clothing, I have taken to Cape Town’s market culture and grew to appreciate the amount of young people who are creating their own clothing, watch and leather bag brands. It made me realise how much talent we have and that whilst it is nice to go to Zara, Country Road and Trenery it feels even greater to support local entrepreneurs and build a relationship with the young owners. Another matter close to my heart, is actually engaging with the owners at markets and hearing stories about the mothers and fathers from our communities who make these items and how that has improved their standard of living.

So In my mission to support more local brands and get the word out there, here are my favourite local brands. The nice thing about all the above, is that they have Instagram pages, offer online shopping and shipping as well as stand alone stores on Victoria Street in Woodstock or Long Street and Roeland Street for Margot Molyneux merchandise, The Watershed and the V&A Waterfront and The Old Biscuit Mill Neighbour’s Goods Saturday market.

Freedom of Movement 

Chapel Goods

Margot Molyneux

A Seam Studios

Let’s support local entrepreneurs.

Keep it chic


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