The perfect T-shirt

Hi chicsters, I feel that sounds so much better than ‘hi guys’. I cannot believe that I am only blogging about this so late into Summer yet it is something that I have always ensured I have as a wardrobe stable -the perfect T-shirt. Back in my heydays as a skater girl tom-boy teenager I had a collection of simple slogan or a label tee that would go with any jean. I absolutely loved them and kept them throughout varsity. And now, I just realised that the fashion world has finally caught up and we are seeing a revival of the tee trend.

As always, I have created a top 6 favourite looks and I hope it gives you ideas on how to create a simple yet chic look with your favourite basic tee. Whilst the blogger world is all about the Gucci and Tommy Hilfiger tees, you can create this look with any and every tee (honestly feeling so excited about all those tees my dad bought for me in all colours from Makro lol).

Keep it basic chic



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