DIY: Fringe Denim

Happy Saturday chicsters! I hope that you are all enjoying the last days of Summer. As you all know, I am no longer working and have returned to studying as a PhD student. So that means, no more shopping sprees and that I have to be creative with my wardrobe. So having learned the harsh adulting lesson of keeping your priorities straight, I have opted to appreciate the clothes in my already stacked wardrobe and just revamp them if I am interested in a particular trend with zero budget.

So one trend that I really like as a denim convert, has been fringe denim. I love its playful and multi textured nature which adds a chic element to an outfit. So I decided to Youtube how to create one from an old pair of jeans that had been sitting in my wardrobe for almost 8 years. Not only do I love the outcome but I also discovered that once over the fringe look, I can cut off the fringe, sew the bottom and I will have a cropped denim. I feel like these jeans are literally the gift that keeps giving.

Keep it revamped chic


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