Trench Season

Happy Friyay chicsters. So sorry for going MIA. I had big academic submissions which required all my time and maximum attention. I’m partially out of the cave and made it back in time for our first day of Autumn/Fall. I’ve literally been counting down the days after the hottest (personally) Summer in Cape Town. So without further ado, I am welcoming Fall with my wardrobe staple: the trench coat. 

I feel like trench coats not only allow you to not die of heat during transition seasons (plus doubles up as a rain coat) but simultaneously add chicness to an otherwise simple t-shirt and jeans outfit.

Basic t-shirts are trending again so whip out all your freebie, travel and volunteering t-shirts and pair them up with high waisted, girlfriend or mom jeans and watch how they transcend to uber chic.

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I have officially conceded defeat on wearing heels (too uncomfortable for me) so block heels and pumps are my go-to shoes for a more lady like feel but if you’re into heels, my sister always vouches for them as an instant chic addition.

Keep it trench chic


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