OTK and Camel Coats

Autumn is finally upon us and what better way to gear up for those cool temperatures with Over The Knee (OTK) boots and a camel coat. These 2 items have become staples in my wardrobe and after a 3 year search I found both by chance. 
Finding the perfect Camel coat is such a hassle. After numerous trips to Zara, H&M, Country Road, Woolworths and Trenery, I finally found the perfect slim fit and length for my body. I would encourage anyone looking for coats to not rush into buying one, one thing that I am learning is to check online feedback on items to see quality over the long haul. I love Zara but their coats tend to get ruined quite quickly around the arms so Woolworths and Country Road are my current go to stores.

To be honest, I’m yet to find thee perfect black OTK. I love this pair which I got from Aldo in Montreal but buying suede material meant that it loses elasticity over time. I prefer to wear this with jeans to make it tighter but I am on the lookout for those sock type that don’t stretch. 
Keep it chic 


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